Augmented Integrative Medicine

Augmented Integrative Medicine


AIM integrates advanced evidenced-based nutritional, naturopathic, bio-identical hormonal tools; in balanced blend 

together with standard pharmaceutical approaches; in order to dramatic improve optimized results; far beyond what can be achieved with drugs alone; all the while, collaborating with your other physicians; 

to the exactly the extent you wish.

Personalized Telemedicine Care


Conveniently & affordably offering a full range of personalized care for illness & injury (non-life-threatening); reversal of metabolic dysfunction; weight control; blood pressure; cholesterol; digestive problems;  other continuity & preventive care; skin care; hair loss reversal; other cosmetic & lifestyle care; HIMS & HERS sexual enhancement care; help with anxiety, mood, sleep challenges; fatigue & brain fog.

ED + UC + PCP Physician Care


Highly skilled, board-certified physicians; maintaining ATLS + ACLS + PALS + NRP; providing care in a wide range of hospital emergency departments; urgent care clinics; and primary care settings; on an interim contracted basis; deeply & genuinely committed to providing the same kind of careful, complete & compassionate care we would hope for our loved ones to receive in such a time of need! 



Fix: Low-T / Low-Libido / Low-Stamina

Increase: muscle mass; Decrease: body fat

Balanced blending of pharmaceutical, nutritional, naturopathic & hormonal tools

Hormone replacement + ED medications



Reverse: PMS, PMDD; PCOS; Endometriosis; 

FSAD: Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

HSDD: Hypo-active Sexual Desire Disorder; 

Balanced blending of pharmaceutical, nutritional, naturopathic & hormonal tools

Hair Restoration


Reverse both male & female balding; 

Personalized treatment plans with balanced blending of medication (such as Propecia), 

bio-identical hormone rebalancing 

& nutrition / naturopathic tools

Skin Improvement


Dramatic improve and in many cases even cure a wide range of skin conditions: 

acne, eczema, psoriasis, nail issues, rashes, uneven pigmentation, premature aging; 

using a personalized treatment plan with a balanced blending of medication, nutrition and  plant-based naturopathic tools

Migraine & Other Chronic Pain


Augmented Integrative Medicine approaches to reversal & remission of migraine headaches; and other chronic pain offers dramatically improved outcomes; through balanced blending of evidence-based use of naturopathic, micronutrient & antioxidant treatments; with or without pharma. 

Digestive Disorders


GERD / Gastritis / Peptic Ulcers

Irritable bowel syndrome; Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis; Crohn's)

Can now be dramatically improved with Augmented Integrative Medicine 

blending specific prebiotic + probiotic tools;  and other nutritional + naturopathic tools

Anxiety / Insomnia / Mood Imbalances


Imbalances in the interactions between the brain, the pituitary gland, the thyroid, the adrenal glands can be rebalanced for better results in treating anxiety, irritability, insomnia, depression, PMS, chronic fatigue, brain-fog & concentration difficulties. 

AIM treatment plans rebalance nutrients & hormones; while detoxifying the body, to free it from poisonous chemicals & heavy metals.

Brain Fog / Concentration Problems


Mental cloudiness; along with challenges with memory & concentration; can be dramatically improved & reversed. Personalized AIM (Augmented Integrative Medicine) treatment plans rebalance nutrients & hormones; while detoxifying the body, to free it from poisonous chemicals & heavy metals; in a way that is compatible with any medications you may be receiving.

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue


Relentless aching of muscles & connective tissues; with fatigue; can now be dramatically improved; even reversed; by treating the root cause metabolic, inflammatory, nutritional & neurochemical mechanisms; by means of balanced & blended personalized treatment plans inclusive of  detoxification, essential nutrients, evidence-based naturopathic modalities; physical modalites. & medications

Reverse Diabetes & High Blood Pressure


Dysmetabolic Syndrome (type 2 diabetes mellitus + overweight/obesity + dyslipidemia + high blood pressure) can be reset, reversed & remitted in many cases (better results are associated with earlier intervention); through Augmented Integrative Medicine; inclusive of evidence-based, nutrition, micro-nutrient, botanical, probiotic, anti-oxidant therapy; coordinated with medicines, individually. 

Control Body Fat & Blood Fats


Reversal of elevated body fat and blood fats involves much more that eating less fat and performing more exercise; as it is the direct result of pre-diabetic (and later diabetic) insulin-resistance; resulting in turn from abnormal forms of insulin; for lack of specific trace minerals; which can be reversed with a balanced-blending of evidence-based metabolism-stimulating nutrients & plants. 

Manage Pre-Menopause & Menopause


Pre-menopausal progesterone defecit (creating a relative dominance of estrogen) contributing to ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and fibrosis of the uterine wall; increasing risk of endometrial cancer & estrogen-sensitive breast cancer; and premature aging; can be treated with hormonal rebalancing & nutrient therapy; as can estrogen defecit; to prevent osteoporosis. 


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